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Portrait of Cathering of Alexandria.

Portrait of Catherine of Alexandria. Oil. 16th Century. Bernardino Luini (1485–1532). National Art Museum of Azerbaijan. Public Domain. Credit: Wikipedia.

7 March 2015
Beginning anew...
Perhaps it's best to write less than more on this page, given that the site is evolving as the work progresses and, deeply engaged in the process, in the research and analysis, I have not much to say in this passage from night to day. The period of hiatus is over though ... fairly certain. Time to pick and choose, exercise selection, make note of the salient in apprehending the rapid changes we're going through. But I'll try to reserve the streaming of consciousness for Shenjiva, here to focus rather more academically, following those matters of interest for which the site is named.

I might say, with respect to course, concerning our path and interest-driven studies pursuant thereto, that of the essence is time. I do not mean "time is of the essence" — that we must make haste, that it is essential some action be completed by a given time. Patently, that would be absurd. Long life, short life, both but the blink of an eye. Rather, in this space, time is the measure of note in making connections, identifying salient events, observing and interpreting significance with regard to confluence and synergetics.


But my sense of this, at the moment, and my ability to explicate it remains ... Neptunian — mediumistic, artistic, fluid, inspired and possibly illused, by which I mean, subject to illusion, not ill-used, though that could happen too. The project, of course, is really an experiment, a study of the times and timing in the overlap of personal and transpersonal, an exploration undertaken through creative journaling and communication. We need the patience and perspective to apperceive the issues, apprehend the salient, assess and cogently present the findings.

The past few days have seen a format change, and the beginnings of a new structure (well, ancient in fact) developed for organizing content. We'll apply the five elements in this case, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether; and we might also treat of them in terms of the five phases, interpret Air as WOOD, and Ether as METAL. Each of these new pages will present an explication of the category, and feature selected news, ideas and developments apprehensible in respect of that element or phase, bearing on the relevant and timely.

15 February 2015
Dropped a few old pages today, possibly beginning anew, passages familiar, true, yet changed.

On the previous year in review? Most time and effort devoted to arts and studies pursued at Shenjiva.

20 February 2014
A bright and sunny day, progress made at time's demand, the last vestiges of Intraspec let go and innovations planned, discoveries made and matters of interest timely splayed, soon on this new stage. Feeling free but disciplined, still unplanned, unknown, I stand...

I recently came upon a painting in the public domain,
a boatman at his oar, strong and determined,
pulling toward an unseen shore.
It strikes a chord.

The Boatman.

The Boatman. Artist: T. C. Steele. Oil on canvas, 95.25 x 115.57 cm.
1884. Public Domain. Credit: WikiPaintings.

3 November 2013
So it begins...
This site emerges in the wake of Intraspec, an 11-year learning experience, a not-for-profit project that focused on matters of health and well-being, perhaps outpaced by developments in social media but by Google's algorithm shifts as well, and a preoccupation grown beyond yet not let go, uncertain I, and so unwilling to engage the otherwise. Demise played out over time...

There was need to salvage a few articles, revise, reformat, update, not to continue per se, but to remember, maintain a memory, perhaps a connection to where we're going, about which I have little clue, at least, not one I might voice to you. The transition is more than personal it seems, unfolding in a reality beyond current cognitive capacity, sensed but not yet sensibility.

A few days ago I gained some appreciation of where to head. The design was been tweaked, some old content bled, and new content added to the homepage. But I am too focused on oar and water to more than feel the future behind me, at my back at this stage...